Can Cold Water Help Anxiety?

Posted by Jason Higgins on Feb 21, 2020 2:12:50 PM

Short Answer, YES!!

Personally, anxiety has always been my crutch, a constant, greeting me every morning. Something I have learned to live with, a passenger in life responsible for more than a few outbursts of anger. Through daily discipline, plant medicines such as CBD, breath-work, and cold exposure, my anxiety is now at an all-time low. Equipped with the tools to set the day right, addressing anxiety immediately upon being ambushed with life's many triggers. Incorporating daily cold water immersion should be in everyone's toolbox, it is a proven, highly effective way to mitigate anxiety and the social isolation that comes with it.

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Battling Anxiety With Nature's Alternatives

Posted by Jason Higgins on Feb 12, 2020 11:05:42 AM
Anxiety the Root Cause

What is anxiety? An emotion deeply ingrained in our instinct to survive, one many would prefer to live without, or to dismiss entirely. 

It can hinder your life and, for some, be utterly debilitating while simultaneously wreaking havoc on personal & professional relationships. Its sufferers will often end up isolating from their peers, family or friends, and slowly losing all sense of community. We are after all a tribal species, to pull away from society only invites further mental illness into our lives. 

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Hemp & The Human Mind

Posted by Jason Higgins on Feb 8, 2020 10:37:25 PM
Why CBD | Hemp Extract ? 

In the SEAL Teams, we are taught to never settle for something that is sub-par or not up to the standard, whether this is a piece of equipment, a weapon or a person. Everyone on the team is a cog in the wheel, and in war, a weak link can often mean death or serious injury for you or a teammate. As combat Veterans, we came to CBD first as users. Both searching for something to help settle down after a lifetime of being revved up. A natural option that would lessen or eliminate entirely any need for alcohol or prescription medications as coping mechanisms. A common problem both in the Veteran Community and the Civilian side of America. 

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Mental Health, Alcohol & Hemp

Posted by Jason Higgins on Feb 8, 2020 9:12:03 PM
Alcohol A Friend or a Crutch ? 

Alcohol, we have all tossed back a few at one point. Some more than others, haha  In my past, I was definitely the latter overindulging multiple times per week. Oblivious at the time that i was cutting myself off from achieving my full potential, as well surrounding myself with bad influence. I was living hard, partially using it to cope with my past or drown out unwanted thoughts. For a time it felt like it was helping or at least i thought it was. In the end all i was doing was creating an environment for deep seated issues to fester.  

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